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The MenTour

Each month I go with a group of incredible men to work with middle school boys in the inner city of Los Angeles, and their impact on my life has been insurmountable. The final step in learning something, is teaching it. The MenTour is where my work in self-development, emotional awareness, and presence comes to flourish.

A male-only, mentor-driven education non-profit that journeys facilitating social-emotional and character development workshops to middle school boys. Given the tools and guidance, young men will have the capacity to live and lead empowered lives inside and outside of the classroom.


Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes is an American 501 nonprofit organization that rescues, restores, and rehabilitates child victims of sex slavery around the world. Here’s their website if you’re interested in learning more about their organization and/or donating. https://unlikelyheroes.com/

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

In 2015 my friend Brian Ripps (brianripps.com) ran for LLS “Man of the Year,” touring the US for weeks, raising thousands of dollars for blood cancer research. We continue to support the efforts of the great LLS Foundation. If you’re interested in donating, here’s their website: