One thing that I accredit to the person I am vs. the person I was, is stillness. I was a bit of a spazz growing up. Friends would tell me I had ADHD, and perhaps I did…but what I really had was a lack of focus, and a lack of awareness. Thoughts would pass through my head too quickly to keep track of, and so I’d be left with emotions of anxiety, sadness, anger, and even extreme joy for no apparent reason. I was a chatty-Kathy, out of touch with myself.
Well many of you know that I broke my neck when I was 21, and all the skateboarding, fence jumping, nervous chatter and fighting came to an end. I was forced to sit and listen.
What we’re experiencing today is a lack of knowledge of self. The American ego is inflated almost to the point of explosion. Literally. Look at our leader. The answer is simple. Stop. And listen. Become aware of the subtle energy flowing through your mind. You may find your mind racing, you may get bored…bring your focus back to your breath. Listen to your breath and realign with what is naturally YOU.
Here’s how to start. Inhale and count to 4 slowly, exhale for a count of 4, and notice the brief moment of non-doing that exists between breaths. This stillness is where the truth with make itself present. Truth is knowledge, knowledge of self. I believe in you, because I am, and because I am, I am everything, and everything is nothing, and nothing, is the birthplace of creation. -JRT ? @thelcastudio


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