The Merlin Room – Webster Hall – NYC – Sept. 12, 2016


With one hand over his heart, his father says after the show “but Brian…the energy.” and walks out to 11th St., lower Manhattan. Brian Ripps had successfully pulled off John Mayer’s Continuum start to finish with friends from around the world. A birthday gift to himself, amplified by a slew of artists who signed his new ironing board, all here to celebrate the life of a friend, and the work of our living legend.

Continuum was paramount in so many lives 10 years ago. I was in the first half of a semester I didn’t finish in Charlotte, NC, and the record played in my dorm on repeat for weeks. Every life question seemed to be answered by his words, and every pain eased by his guitar. Continuum was the dopest dope sauce I had ever heard. 10 years later, to be in NYC on September 11th, made all the more humbled to be singing “Waiting on the World to Change.” Everything is going wrong with the world and those who lead it, but we’ve got good friends, and I’m still breathing.
Thank you Mayer, thank you Ripps, thank you to the 2 dozen other artists who contributed to the night…I’m honored to be alive in such a time. After 3 weeks on the east coast it feels good to be back in California. See you at a show, Big Love! -JRT

Photo’s by: Shoot Me Peter – Peter Roessler Photography @shootmepeter 


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